NutSac Bag double red


Double NutSac version 2.0 Disc Golf Bag

15 disc capacity (12 in main, 3 in pocket).
New improved large front pocket.
Large beverage holster. Now fits a 22-ouncer or bottle of wine!
Made in USA with lifetime guarantee.
Discs and bottle not included.

Lightweight, comfortable, and durable; you're gonna love your NutSac. Made in USA from the same tough-as-nails, Cannonball canvas as your favorite work clothes. The NutSac gives you the edge because you carry what you use--about 6 discs--instead of hauling around 10 pounds of unused plastic. It's so light you can even throw while wearing it.

The NutSac 2.0 is the first major upgrade of the popular NutSac Disc Golf Bag. What have we done? Ready? We added a bigger pocket. Yep, that's it--a big front pocket. But don't underestimate the pocket... Designed by NutSac'rs, this pocket will easily hold your junk (or 3 extra discs, a putter, or a flask).

American made. High quality. Lifetime guarantee... Grab your NutSac, let's disc!