ABC Discs Mystery Clearance Box

$61.97 $30.00
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Three random premium ABC Discs!  They only made six different discs in limited colors and I only have five varieties remaining.  Gamma Ray, Secret Weapon, Flying Squirrel, The Mission, and Money.  Most are max weight too.  Right now there are ten different disc/plastic options so expect duplicates after that.  Each ABC Discs Mystery Clearance Box will receive the following:

  • One out of production First Run stamp premium Gold plastic disc (similar to Champion quality)
  • One second run premium Gold plastic disc (similar to Champion quality) MSRP $15.99
  • One premium Platinum plastic disc (similar to Star quality) MSRP $17.99
  • Free shipping or a fourth disc with local pickup! Saves you another $7-$18.
  • One unreleased sticker per lot while they last
These are new old stock, may have box wear.  No coupons, these are plenty cheap enough.  Returns will be charged shipping.  PDGA approved for competition.